Check out  Tricktionary from Team Razor rider Ben Grantham. He will be taking us on a guided tour through the whole alphabet. This is the sort of Dictionary we like!
 Acid Drop: (Influenced by Skateboarding) jumping off the ground using your feet and mounting on to the scooter. Often done off ledges and into quarters
Airwalk: (Influenced by Skateboarding) where the rider kicks both feet out in opposite directions- the front foot goes forwards and the back foot goes backwards (depending on which way they are facing).
Alley-oop: (Spin) an air trick,"180", airing out backwards.
 Anti-flip: (Flip) a Briflip rotation, using your hand to flip the deck over the shoulder
Around-the-world: (Flatland) the rider stands on the brake in a tire tap and rotates the scooter around behind their back and back in front of them.


 Backflip: (Flip) whole body and scooter rotate 360 degrees in the Y dimension. (Backwards) - (often called "Backie" or "flip") First landed by Guiness World Record holder Jarret Reid at the "Panasonic Core Tour" in 2001.
Backflip Condor: See "Backflip No-hander"
Backflip No-hander: (Flip) whole body and scooter rotate 360 degrees in the Y dimension 

(Backwards) with the hands extended out to both sides. (often called "no hander flip" or "flip no-hander")
Bank Transfer: (Transfer) The simple transfer from one bank to another, often over gaps
Bar Cab: (Spin) a "180 Bar-spin" out of "Fakie".
Bar Spin: (BMX) spinning the bars around with your hands: (often called a "bar")
Barrel-roll: (Flip) a 'sidewards' rotation of 360 degrees over either shoulder.
Bar ride: See "Chairman"
Bartwist: (Rare/Uncommon) an 'unusual' motion of a "Bar Spin" that keeps 1 hand on the crossbar throughout the rotation.
Bean Plant: (Stall) planting one hand on a wall whilst holding the scooter undereath your other hand and both your feet. Often done on transitioned street or vert ramps of various sizes.
Benihana: (Grab/Influenced by Skateboarding) where the rider takes one foot off the deck and reaches to grab it with the hand on the same side.
Boardslide: (Grind/Influenced by Skateboarding) Where the rider grinds down a rail or other obstacle on the bottom of the deck facing forwards.
Body Varial: (Spin) The rider jumps off their deck and spins in the, leaving the scooter suspended beneath them.
Boost: Increased height out of quarters in order to gain more speed.
Bri-cab: (Flip/Spin) a "180 Bri-flip" out of "Fakie".
Bri-flip: (Flip/Invention) some may say it is a combination between a "Scooter-flip" and an "X-up". Invented by "Brian Boston" (often called a "Bri") First landed by Brian Boston  in 2003.
Bunny-hop: (Common Basic/BMX) Need I explain? The scooter rider jumps up with their scooter.
Buttercup: (Flip/Air Combination) "Tail-whip" to "Bri-flip" to "Tail-whip". First landed by Raymond Warner.
Butt Slide: (Scooter/Slider) sliding across a slanted surface in a "sitting" position whilst holding the scooter under your feet.


 Cab-driver: (Spin) a "Truckdriver" whilst in "Fakie".
Cali Slider: (Flatland) a slide down on the flat ground by riding whilst using your heel to life the tail of the deck off the ground.
Can-can: (FMX) where both legs or off the deck to one side whilst in mid air. The longer it is held for, the more "stylish" it is considered to be.
Candybar: (FMX) one foot over the handlebar whilst in mid-air.
Cannonball: (Grab/Influenced by Skateboarding) No footed double grab, holding onto the deck with both hands in mid-air.
Canvert: trick combination of "Can" and "Invert"
Chairman: (Flatland) Riding whilst sitting on the bars, facing forwards, feet hanging over the wheel.
Cliffhanger: (Invention) a jump causing the scooter to hang over the feet of the rider.
Condor: the European reference to "Tuck no-hander". See Tuck No-hander. (featured in future issue)
Crooked: (Grind/Influenced by Skateboarding) Like a nosegrind, but the tail of the deck is angled away from the rail/ledge on which the trick is performed, causing the edge of the deck's nose (beneath the downtube or folding mech) to make contact with the rail/ledge.
Cross Foot: (Stance/Influenced by Skateboarding) jump with the opposite foot in front, overlapping the other. This is added to tricks to add 'style' and difficulty (e.g. Cross Foot Tail-whip).


 Deathstar: (Also known as Tokyo Drift) The act of sliding down quarters or banks unintentionally. Warning: affects the life-span of most wheels.
Decade: (Flatland/BMX) when the body spins around the deck, holding onto the bars.
Disaster: (Stall) Where the rider spins 180 degree and face the way which they came, whilst stalling on the ledge of quarter on the middle bottom part of the deck.
Dono-flip: (Flip/Invention) combination of "Forward Bri-flip", "Front Scooter-flip", and "X-up" (???). Invented by "Coedie Donovan". 

Dragon-whip: (Uncommon) a "Tail-whip", rotated by both hands holding onto the steertube.
Double Legsweep: rotating both legs together around the front column of the scooter. See "Legsweep"
Double Peg grind: (Grind/BMX) Grinding using the front on back peg on one side of the scooter. Done on ledges, coping and rails
Downside Whip: (BMX) (often called "Down Tail-whip or "Down-whip) a tail-whip where the rider spins in the opposite direction to the whip and therefore meets with deck before a full 360 degree rotation.


 Egg Plant: (Stall) a style of handplant done on quarters by airing into an upside down position and planting one hand either within the quarter or on the coping whilst holding the bars and keeping the scooter over your feet.
Euro: Like a tabletop, but with the bars facing down toward the ground, rather than up.


 Fakie: (Flatland) Riding the scooter in reverse (backwards)
Fakie Hang-5: (Flatland) a “Hang-5” done whilst riding in Fakie.
Fakie Manual: (Flatland) a Manual done whilst riding in Fakie
Fakie Pivot: (Flatland/Skateboard) a 180 rotation from Fakie where only the front wheel lifts off the ground and ‘pivots’ around the back wheel meaning the scooter is facing the right direction.
Fakie Scooter-fakie: (Flatland) a “Fakie” “Scooter-fakie”. (rarely called “FSF”) See “Scooter Fakie” (future issue)
Fakie Scooter Fakie B-hold: (Flatland/Rare Uncommon) - while riding in “Fakie Scooter fakie” while reaching down and grabbing the brake and holding it.
Fakie Slider: (Flatland) A slider done with the front wheel be turning the bars 90 degree and holding that position whilst riding in Fakie (backwards)
Fast plant: Where the rider kicks off the ground whilst riding which maybe either contribute towards the height, distance or rotation of jump.
Feeble grind: (Grind/Skateboard) One of the most basic grind tricks, done on Quarterpipes, grind boxes and ledges. Rider jumps on so that their front wheel rolls on the top of the surface whilst the tail of the deck slides along and ‘grinds’.
Finger-Flip: (Flip/rare uncommon) ‘flipping’ the deck around with one hand over the opposite shoulder, causing the scooter to flip upside-down in a motion similar to the bri flip/front scooter flip. Can be done forwards and backwards.
Finger-whip: “Whipping” the deck around with one hand. First landed by Jason Fry.
Firecracker: (Skateboard) riding down a stairset and allowing the tail of the deck to clip all the stairs on the way down.
Five: see “540” (future issue)
Flair: (Flip) Backflip with a 180-degree spin doing as an air trick (landing back into the quarter) First Landed by Terry Price in 2002.
 The “Flying Sqiurrel” : a name invented to substitute “Nothing/No-Hander No-footer”. Was “Jarret Reid’s” signature trick.
Foot jam: (Stall/BMX): A stall done by ‘jamming’ your front foot in the front wheel behind the forks, balancing on the front wheel and ending by returning to riding with both wheels with both feet on the deck (usually dropping in).
Foot jam Tail-whip: (Stall/BMX) Doing a tailwhip whilst in the Foot jam position.
Foot plant: planting one of your feet on an opposing ramp or wall.
Forward Bri-Flip: a “forward rotation” of a “Bri-flip”. (often called a “Front Bri-flip”, “Front Bri”, “Inward Bri-flip”, or “Inward Bri”)
Frontflip: (Flip) whole body and scooter rotate 360 degrees in the Y dimension (forwards)
Forward Slider: (Flatland) The position expressed in a “Fakie” slider, but instead of going in ‘Fakie’, going forwards. Bars are turned 90 degrees (Warning: May affect the health of your front wheel)
Front Buttercup: A “Tail-whip” to “Forward Bri-flip/Inward” to “Tail-whip”.
Front jam: (Stall/BMX) A stall done by ‘jamming’ your front foot in the front wheel in front of the forks, balancing on the front wheel and ending by returning to riding with both wheels with both feet on the deck (usually dropping in).
Front Scooter-flip: (Flip) When you take one hand off the bar furthest away and the whole scooter rotates forward and back under your feet. (often called “FSF” or “Front Scooter”)
FSF: See “Fakie Scooter Fakie”
Fufanu: (BMX/Stall) (often called a “F00f”) A ‘Tyre-tap’ facing out of the quarter
Full-cab: (Spin) A “Fakie” “360” which is landed in Fakie.
Full-whip: A “Tail-whip” and a “Bar-spin” rotation at the same time, in the same direction.


 Grizzly: Also known as “Grizz”, tucking the bars into your waist and raising one leg with the deck while the other leg comes off the deck.
G-Turn: (Flatland) A manual doing whilst turning in another direction.
 Half-cab: (Spin) a 180 degrees spin from ‘Fakie’ causing to be riding forwards.


 Hand-clap: Taking hands off the bars and clapping both hands together.
Hand Plant: (Stall/Skateboard) Planting your hand on the lip of a quarter pipe
Hang-5: (BMX/Flatland) Rider balances on the deck with one foot whilst the other hangs off the side of the scooter which is on its front wheel.
Hang-10: (BMX/Flatland) Rider blanaces on the front pegs of a scooter leaving the deck and bars to balance equally whilst expressing forward motion.
Heel-clicker: (FMX) Where the rider jumps and bring both feet up from the deck and over the bars to ‘click’ them together with the heels and bring them back on the deck before landing.
Heel-flip: (Skateboard) Same rotation as the Heelflip done on a skateboard. First landed by Josh Toy.
Heelwhip: (Scooter) kicking the deck frontside with your heels instead of backside and thus rotating the deck in the same rotation as a tailwhip. 

Hextuple-whip: 6 Tail-whips in a single jump.
Hip Transfer: (Transfer) A transfer from one ramp to another that meets as a ‘Hip’.


 Ice Pick: (Stall) A Stall on the back peg.
Ice Grind: (Grind) A Grind on the back peg.
Indian Giver: A half-cab 180 spinning in the opposite direction you span into the fakie. (BS 180 to fakie->FS Indian Giver and FS 180 to fakie->BS Indian Giver).
Indy: (Grab) Grabbing the deck frontside (the way your feet face)
Invert: (BMX) The whole scooter is inverted, similar to a “Table” but more tweaked.
Inward Bri-flip: See “Forward Bri Flip”


 Japan: (Grab/Skateboard) Going to turndown but Grabbing the nose of the deck with your front hand and bringing the scooter behind you, bending your knees to stay on the deck which becomes inverted.


 Krippleflip: (Invention) Flipping the scooter backwards between your legs whilst your hands are off the scooter and catching the bars with your hands and placing your feet back on the deck.


 Legsweep: Done by bringing one leg around the handle bars of the scooter whilst your other foot is still on the deck in the air.
Lipslide: (Grind) Either done frontside (FS) or backside (BS) by grinding along the 'tail' of the deck on a rail, ledge or coping.
Lookback: (BMX) A frontside turndown, the deck is kicked out and bars turned in a way that makes the rider 'look back' into the quarter before landing.
Lookback Ride: (Flatland/Scooter) Basically a "Scooter Fakie" with both feet on the deck, similar to the "Lookback" position. Can also be done in fake. Also known as "Barrett Ride" (started by Dan Barrett)


 Mac Grab: (Grab) done by grabbing the back of your deck with your hand behind your legs in a no footer position
Manual: (Flatland) riding on only the back wheel while balancing with back feet toward the back of the deck.
MacWhip: A fingerwhip rotation started by the hand behind your legs in a no footer position.
Mer Grab: (Grab) A "Tuck no-hander" where you grab underneath the deck behind the headtube.
Method Grab: (Grab/Skateboard) Grabbing the deck backside (the side your heels face) whilst the scooter is in a tabletop position.
Misty-flip: (Flip) a 180 rotation while in a "Backflip" (an almost obsolete expression)
Mute: (Grab/Skateboard) A grab done with the deck in front of the front foot with the leading land (opposite hand to the indy whilst maintaining the same position)


 Nac-Nac[/b] (FMX) To tweak the deck whilst having the back foot stretched out round the back of you.
 "Nifty" grab: (Grab) an "Unturndown" with a "Tyre grab".Invented my Matt Andrus.
Nine: see "900"
No-comply: kicking off the ground with the back foot. Minimal difficulty, used in some combos such as 'Foot-jam' and "front scooterflip tailwhip".
No-footer: Done by taking both feet off the deck in the air whilst still holding onto the bars. Can be done with a grab (see below)
No-footer Grab: (Grab) To grab the middle of the deck with one hand when in a no-footer position with one hand still on the bars.
Nose Grab: Often used to refer to a tire grab, but can be differentiated to the grab of the head tube of the deck (Grab/Skateboard)
No-hander: (BMX) Done by taking both hands off the handlebars and spread out into the air whilst both feet are still on the deck. More recognised as "tuck no-hander", whilst tucking your knees into the bars to enable more height and less difficulty.
No-hander Manual: (Flatland) pinching the bars turned to either the left or right between your knees whilst in the manual position.
Nose grind: Grind done with the front peg only. Essentially a 'nose pick' in motion.
Nose Pick: (Stall/BMX) Stalling on a front peg on a ledge, rail, or on coping of a quarter.
Nose Manual: (Flatland) riding on only the front wheel whilst balancing with both feet on the deck.
Nothing: Combination of "No-Hander" and "No-Footer", taking both hands and feet (and control) off the scooter and placing them back on the scooter before landing.


 One-footed Invert: An "Invert" done one footed with either foot.
One-footed Waffle: A "Waffle" done one footed with either foot.
One-footer Manual: Previously the standard position for a manual. A normal manual position done with one foot off the deck whilst the other is completely on the deck (parallel) facing forwards.
One-hander: Taking one hand off the scooter and back on before landing.
Over-crooked: (Grind/Skateboard) A 'Crooked' grind tweaked to 'lean' the scooter over the rail at a more aggressive angle.
Over Grab: a one-handed grab were the hand passes over the nose and grabs the front of the deck


 Pivot: (Flatland/Skateboard) Taking one wheel off the ground and pivoting around the other to face the opposite direction. Can be done on either wheel and can be used to begin a 360 rotation.
Pogo: (Flatland/Skateboard) Done by tucking the crossbar into your waist, hooking your front leg over the steertube and beneath the deck and hopping on the back wheel whilst your back foot is on the brake. The hands are extended for balance.
Pogo-spin: (Flatland/Spin/Skateboard) Spinning on the back wheel whilst in a "Pogo" position (see above) 

Pole-Grab: (Grab/Scooter) Taking both hands off the handlebars and grabbing the steertube whilst in the air.
Pole-Tap: To approach a pole (or any other vertical obstacle) and jump so that the back of the deck hits against it mid-jump.
Pole-Tap Whip: To do a Pole-Tap and rotate the deck into a Tailwhip in the opposite direction before landing.
Powerslide: (Flatland/Skateboard) To slide on the back wheel whilst riding forwards on the front wheel. May damage the health of your back wheel.


 Quadruple Tail-whip and Quintuple Tailwhip: Used to describe 4 and 5 Tailwhips in a single jump. May also be referred to as Tetra and Penta whip, respectively. 


 Rewind: a "Tail-whip" (Or heelwhip) rotated and sent back into a counter rotation in the opposite direction. The counter whip can be a Tailwhip, Heelwhip, or Show-whip depending on how it's rotated. The term 'Rewind' is rarely used to describe 'Barspin to Oppo Barspin'.
Rail-ride: (BMX) To ride along top of a rail (usually flat) with both wheels, facing parallel to the rail.
Rocket: Tucking the crossbar into your waist and extending both arms and legs. One of the few tricks used in "Razor Freestyle Scooters" (PS1/N64/GBA/Dreamcast).
Rock 'n' Roll: (Stall/Skateboard) (often called a "Rock") To approach a quarter and hang the front wheel over the coping whilst the back wheel is still in the transition of the quarter. Resolved by riding in fakie back down the transition.
Rodeo Flip: (Flip/Snowboard) 360 degree rotation while in a "Frontflip".
Rodeo-grind: (Grind) One-handed and One-footed Grind on the same side (eg.Rodeo Feeble, Rodeo Smith, Rodeo Lipslide, etc).
Rotor-whip: "Tail-whip" and "Barspin" simultaneously in 'counter' directions (often called a "Rotor").
Rotor-twist: "Tail-whip" and "Bartwist" simultaneously in 'counter' directions.


 Samurai Flip: A stupid name they used to use in competition to substitute "Bri-Flip". See "Bri-flip".
Scooter-fakie: (Flatland) When the scooter is in a "Fakie" position (facing the opposite direction) and riding so that you are riding forwards and the scooter is riding the opposite direction to where it is facing.
Scooter Fakie B-Hold: (Flatland) When riding in "Scooter fakie" while reaching down and holding the brake.
Scooter-flip: (Flatland) When you take one hand off the bar furthest away and the whole scooter rotates backward over the opposite shoulder and back under your feet.
Show whip: A "Tail-whip" (or Heelwhip) rotated without using the feet to rotate the deck. 

Show Rewind: (No-footer Rewind), a "Rewind" without the aid of kicking the deck around to rotate it there and back.
Smith grind: (Grind) Grinding while the back wheel is on whatever you’re grinding and the front wheel is hanging over.
Ski: (Stance) When both feet are flat on the deck facing forwards, usually at the very back of the deck with the brake inbetween the rider's heels.
Slide (out of "Fakie"): To pivot on the back wheel whilst riding fakie and sliding the front wheel around facing the direction you're riding. The front wheel remains on the ground.
Spine Transfer: (Transfer) To ride up one side of the spine and land into the transition on the other side.
StaleFish: (Grab) Using the back hand to grab the back of the deck behind your heels. 

Suicide No-hander: (BMX) Taking your hands off the bars without tucking the steertube between your knees.
Superman: (BMX) To extend both legs off the deck and raise the scooter with both hands in front of you.
Superman Deckgrab: (Grab/BMX) extending both legs and arms and grabbing the deck of the scooter out in front of/above you (often shortened to just "Superman", which sometimes leads to confusion).
Superman Tyregrab: (Grab/BMX) extending both legs and arms and grabbing the front wheel of the scooter out in front of you.
Switch: (Stance/Skateboard) Standing on the deck, your feet face the opposite way to your normal stance. A switch from regular is Goofy and vice versa. Doesn't apply to 'Ski' stance.


 Table Grab: (Grab) To grab the bottom of the deck with the front hand in a 'table-top position'. See below.
Table-top: (BMX) To bring the scooter up to one side in the air by turning the handlebars and using body movement to bring the scooter flat on its side like the top of a table.
Tail Grab: (Grab/influenced by Skateboarding) To grab the bottom of the deck at the back (tail).
Tail-whip: (Common Basic/BMX) The trick that started it all! To jump up with the scooter and kick the deck back using your feet, allowing it to make a full rotation before landing back on the deck and riding away. Can be done in doubles, triples, quadruples, etc.
Tahana: (Grab) One footed Toboggan. See below.
 Toboggan: (Grab/BMX) To grab the back wheel whilst pointing the front of the scooter down and turning the handle bar sideways, pointing out in front of you.
 Tokyo Drift: Used to describe an unintentional poor quality landing which results in the back wheel sliding in a different direction, often making a loud noise and loss of speed. Causes damage to wheels.
Truck-driver: (BMX) To do a 'barspin' during the rotation of a 360 in either direction.
Tuck: (BMX): To tuck the steer tube of the bars in between your knees whilst in the air.
Tuck No-hander: (BMX) Bringing your knees forwards to 'pinch' the steer tube and extend both arms to the sides.
Turndown: (BMX) (often called "T-down") Kicking out the deck and turning the bars (without crossing hands) to give the effect of turning the bars down.
Twizzler: (Invention) Performing a "Bartwist" motion whilst grabbing the deck with the opposite hand in a "Benihana" position. Invented by "Anthony Bustos".
Tyre-grab: (Grab/BMX) To lean over the bars and grab the front wheel of the scooter.
Tyre tap: (Stall/BMX) To stall on the back wheel of the scooter. Most commonly on the top of Quarter pipes.


 Umbrella Flip: (Flip) The Bars are rotated, similar to that of a Bri-flip, whilst the deck is kicked out from behind and made to rotate over the head, sideways.
Unturndown: (BMX) A movement similar to that of a 'Turndown', except the Bars remain perpendicular to the deck.


 Wall Plant: (Stall) To approach a wall and plant either foot on the wall whilst your scooter is off the ground.
Wall-ride: To approach a wall from the flat ground or transition and jump toward a wall, leaning in a way which causes both wheels to make contact with -and roll along - the wall before jumping back off the wall.
Wall-tap: To approach a wall from the flat ground or transition and jump toward a wall, leaning in a way which causes both wheels to make contact with the wall before jumping back off the wall.
Whip-cab: (Spin) A "180 Tail-whip" out of "Fakie".
Whip-lash: (Flatland/BMX) To rotate the deck around whilst in a foot jam position whilst neither feet are on the deck.


 X-Ride: (Flatland) To ride with the bars and fork facing towards the deck whilst crossing your arms in an 'X' shape, without letting go of the bars.
 X-up: (BMX) Crossing your arms in an 'X' shape mid-jump without letting go of the bars.


 180: (Spin) 180-degree spin (half spin) Often done in an air, to fakie or half cab.
270: (Spin) 270-degree spin (three quarters of a full rotation) often done on wedges or to transfer hips.
360: (Spin) 360-degree spin (full spin). Often called a "three".
50-50: (Grind/Skateboard) Grind on side of the scooter with front & back wheel hanging off the one side. 

540: (Spin) 540-degree spin (one and a half full rotations). Often called a "five".
540-cab: (Spin) A "fakie" "540".
720: (Spin) 720-degree spin (two "full spins) (often called a "seven")
900: (Spin) 900-degree spin (Two and a half full rotations)
1080: (Spin) 1080-degree spin (three full rotation) 

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