Paul's Bicycle Shop.  We're the one for you, and your family too.

              Choose Paul's Bicycle Shop for Comfort

               * Make sure you have the right size bike.

               * Make sure you can reach the handlebars 
                 without being bent over too far.

               * Make sure you have a comfortable seat and grips.                                          
               * Make sure you have bigger tires for a more cushiony ride.

               Choose Paul's Bicycle Shop for Safety

               * Make sure your bike is in good repair.

               * Wear a helmet - a small investment of 20 dollars could save 
                  your life.

               * Use a mirror just to make sure where traffic is behind you.

               * Wear gloves and pads for comfort and safety.

               Choose Paul's Bicycle Shop for Value

               * Buy a new or used bike that is of good quality so you can 
                 use it for years.

               * Buy a used bike instead of new and save a lot of money.

               * Buy parts and accessories that will last.

               * Pay a reasonable price for bike repair.

               * Get more for your money and have more fun.

                Choose Paul's Bicycle Shop for FUN

               * Have fun biking.

               * Have fun skateboarding or longboarding.

        Finally Choose Paul's Bicycle Shop for SATISFACTION

               * or just have fun and get HEALTHY.


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                               PAUL'S BICYCLE SHOP INC.
                                                               73 Ideal Park Rd
                                                               Catawissa, PA 17820

                                                               (570) 784-8877
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