Store Policies for Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc.

Employees of Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. reserve the right to enforce the following list of policies. These policies also protect the customer.

1. All merchandise purchased from Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc. remains the property of Paul’s Bicycle Shop until payment of any type clears the bank or lending institution.

2. All deposits are not refundable or transferable to other merchandise for any reason.

3. All repair work must be picked up and paid for in full before it can leave the shop.  After 30 days it can be sold by Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc.

4. Tubes are not under warranty unless both the tire and tube have been replaced and it is at the discretion of Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. to cover the cost of tube only and not the labor.

5. No refunds or credits are available on bicycle racks whatsoever for any reason.  Defects will be referred to the company the rack was made by.

6. Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc. reserves the right to not sell any item that is priced wrong or if the customer wants to purchase the item at a lower price.

7. Anyone riding a new or used bike or using any product of Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc. does so at their own risk and Paul’s Bicycle Shop assumes no liability.

8. Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc. assumes no liability for customers that do not park properly while shopping at Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc..

9. Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc. assumes no liability for any mistakes made in communication, spoken, printed, on the internet etc. if it should inconvenience or cost the customer money, time or any other type of loss.

10. All returns must have original sales receipt and be in new condition with original packaging. The item must be returned within two weeks and must be defective. A store credit will be issued in the form of a gift card.  Cash will not be returned for any reason.

11. Anyone caught shoplifting, vandalizing, or causing Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. any type of loss will be prosecuted by the local authorities.

12. Customers will be charged the maximum fee amount allowed by law if their check does not clear the bank and Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc. does not receive payment.  Additional service fees may also apply.  Merchandise will need to be returned to Paul’s Bicycle Shop Inc. also or police action will be taken if payment is not made in full.

13. Paul’s Bicycle Shop is not responsible for any bikes or items left outside the store before or after hours.

14. Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. is not responsible for vendors that set up before the designated time of the Trexlertown Antique Bicycle Show and assumes no liability for accidents, stolen merchandise, or any type of loss at the show. 

15. Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. asks that you supervise all children in and on the property of Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc
16. Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. reserves the right to refuse payment of any type for any reason at
 any time from anyone.

17. Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. reserves the right to not purchase bikes/parts from minors without guardian approval.

18. All items placed on layaway or special order items must be picked up within the designated time frame.  If they are not picked up and paid for in full they can be resold by Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc.

19.  All repair work is guaranteed for 30 days except tubes.  Their replacement is at the discretion of Paul's Bicycle Shop Inc. employees.
20.  Skateboards are not guaranteed against breakage only defects.

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