Paul's has jumped on the bandwagon too and is (Re)cycling or "Going Green" as they call it today. 

    We take select bikes in trade towards the purchase of a new bike or sometimes take bikes you no longer have a use for. 
     During the peak season we take bikes that can be fixed up and sold as used or we have a young gentleman from Bloomsburg that recycles them for their scrap value.  He uses the money he receives to purchase a bike so he can travel around and collect scrap. He has even used some of the money to turn his regular bike into an electric bike that is also very energy conscious. I talked to Eric today and he reminded me that he also buys some tools to work on his own equipment.
     Besides recycling bicycles Eric also recycles air conditioners, dehumidifiers, appliances, and even removes some of the wires from TVs and computer monitors.  If the items are to big or too heavy for Eric to haul on the back of his bike or his pull-behind wagon he asks that individuals drop them off where he lives.  If you are local you can contact Paul and he will give you the necessary information to get in touch with Eric if you have items that you would like to recycle.
     At Paul's we even use used tires on bikes that we are reconditioning so we save on the environment as well as save on the need to purchase a new tire that needs to be made by a company and transported to Paul's.  We also recycle good used seats, wheels, freewheels, pedals,as well as some other items we use to recondition used bikes.
     Paul's even has a company that makes things out of used bicycle chains.
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                               PAUL'S BICYCLE SHOP INC.
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